3 Strategies For Hospitality Businesses To Improve Their Guest Experience

Published on:
Tue Apr 09 2024
Customer Experience

The gold standard of the hospitality industry is to meet and surpass guests’ expectations. The difficulty is that the hotels are continuously competing for the best guest experience, boosting customer expectations with each new feature increases the overall expectations.

Undeniably COVID has altered customer service in the hospitality sector. The way that the hospitality industry operates and delivers experiences will undergo numerous edits and adaptations to form a new normal in the long term.

It is a good idea to analyze and improve the guest experience on a regular basis to ensure that you are surpassing their expectations.

You may start by looking for ideas in your hotel’s evaluations, but you might find suggestions related to renovating the lobby, re-decorate the rooms, and re-do the plumbing. In a nutshell, there are not any simple solutions.

But despite misconceptions, Businesses should start making changes to significantly boost the value of your guest’s stay.

However, adjustments must be made now, and quickly. Failures will result in the business ceasing to exist.

Aside from adhering to any government or industry-imposed regulations, hotels will be required to consider who might be visiting their location, what they are looking for, and what services they can receive.

Benefits of guest experience

Let’s start with why it’s important to improve the hotel guest experience. Enhancing the guest experience will benefit you in the following ways:-

  • Your satisfied guests will surely tell their family and friends about their experience at your place.
  • Satisfied customers will undoubtedly leave positive guest feedback.
  • If a guest had a terrible experience, 25% of them will opt for your competitors.

If you will improve the guest experience, it will come up with new customers for your business and will increase revenue.

Here are a few quick, simple, and low-cost suggestions for improving the hotel guest experience:-

1. User-friendly website

The hotel customer experience begins with a visit to your website, you should make it as user-friendly as possible. Display accurate and up-to-date data.

Before reserving a stay, the majority of your potential guests compare room rates and verify availability. As a result, make sure they have all of the necessary information.

Additionally, make the website mobile-friendly. Over half of travelers use their phones to look for hotels, check out websites, and make reservations.

Make sure guests can easily navigate your website. Also, double-check that all of the links work, and don’t forget to include a “book now” button.

2. Personalized Service

This is one of the best ways to improve guest experience. Hotels can collect information about their guests, such as their reason for visiting, in order to customize their services. They could be observing a milestone or on a business trip.

For example - Consider leaving a bottle of wine or a little cake for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary or a birthday.

For business travelers, suggest activities or restaurants. In each room, leave individual welcome messages.

These small gestures will make your guests feel more special.

3. Improve the guest experience by utilizing technology

Technology has become an important component in ensuring the safety and comfort of guests. The following tools can help you optimize your hotel stay:

  • Fast and dependable Wi-Fi is now a requirement of all the guests.
  • Smart keys allow guests to enter rooms using their electronic cards or smartphones.
  • Integrating cashless payments eliminates the need to handle dollars and coins, making it more convenient for both customers and hotel personnel.
  • Providing Smart TVs pleasures guests to use their Netflix accounts to binge-watch movies and TV shows, as well as access other video streaming and entertainment services.

Final Note

Guests are the lifeblood of every hotel, therefore it is important that customers are satisfied and always have a positive experience. This starts even before customers arrive at the hotel’s front door, with a user-friendly website.

Also, remember to provide personalized service by being proactive and taking the initiative to make your guests feel unique. To level up their stay, offer local tours and empower your team so that they can provide guests with five-star service that is something they can definitely remember at home.

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