3 Must-Read Customer Experience Books For 2022

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Fri Apr 15 2022
Customer Experience

The majority of individuals these days look for information on the internet. If anyone wants to learn more about a topic then they read blog posts and research articles. Although it makes sense to look for material online to acquire up-to-date answers to their queries.

What about reading a book on the topic to gain a more comprehensive understanding?

Customer experience books are the guides for the experts on how to make business transactions for customers as painless, joyful, and memorable as possible. Firstly, let’s understand the customer experience.

Customer Experience

Customer experience, or CX, is the impression that your customers have of your products and services throughout all aspects of the buyer’s journey.

CX is the sum of a customer’s experience with your company, from navigating the website to speaking with customer service and receiving the product or service they purchased. Everything that an organization does for their customers, will always have an impact on its customers’ perceptions and their decision to return or not, therefore providing a positive customer experience is important for business success.

According to studies, 60% of consumers report that they will become repeat buyers after a personalized purchasing experience.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top 3 must-read customer experience books. These customer experience books will assist you in developing new CX strategies, being more customer-centric, or simply learning more about customer experience.

Top 3 customer experience books

The goal of these customer experience books is to fairly assist businesses in creating value for their target audiences and earning customer loyalty.

1. The Cult of the Customer by Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken encourages readers to go beyond satisfied customers and strives to amaze customers in this book. A delight is a marketing tool that converts customers into fans and motivates them to recommend others, and promote the business.

Early chapters outline five fundamental characteristics that lead to communities forming around businesses, and then go on to explain how businesses can build a “wow factor” among customers.

Later chapters explain the necessity of problem-solving, detail-oriented thinking, and follow-through. The Cult of the Customer book makes the case that benefiting the customer benefits the company, and provides a blueprint for creating great brands.

2. Mapping Experiences by James Kalbach

One of the best books on customer experience design is Mapping Experiences. This technical manual walks readers through the process of creating an experience map. The pages cover a variety of topics, including visualizing value, identifying the correct challenge to solve, and developing a feasible solution.

This book includes thorough examples and pictures of different sorts of diagrams, blueprints, and methodologies for planning out the end result of the customer experience. All the text on the book pages emphasizes important themes and issues, giving readers a clear idea of the planning process.

Mapping Experiences is a wonderful resource for CX professionals at all levels.

3. What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You by Melina Palmer

Customer purchase habits are explained using behavioral science methods in this book. With the help of psychological and neurological principles, this book explains what motivates people to make purchasing decisions, and suggests how businesses can use these patterns to create better experiences and increase sales.

While many customer experience books encourage readers to adopt a customer attitude, this book takes it a step further by asking readers to think about how customers’ minds work and customize interactions to appeal to buyers’ brains.

What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You delves into the less obvious aspects of customer experience and teaches all the traders how to appeal to their customers’ subconscious needs and aspirations.

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