3 Customer Service Challenges And How To Solve Them

Published on:
Fri Oct 07 2022
Customer Experience

Customer service is one of the most vital aspects of a business. It's considered the best kind of marketing if you have great customer service.

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase of a product or service. It can be defined as “the ability or willingness of a company to meet the needs of its customers.” It is also known as client servicing, customer care, and client relations.

The success of a business depends on the quality of customer service it provides. A well-organized company will ensure that their employees at various levels are properly trained in providing excellent customer service.

According to reports, “83% of consumers cite good customer service as the most important factor—outside of price and product—when deciding what to buy”.

Although it's easy to say that customer service is important, how do you actually deliver on that promise? Well, there are three major customer service challenges that every business faces when trying to provide quality customer service.

Tips for overcoming them and providing a better customer experience

1. Complicated systems make it hard to help customers

Your systems are a significant challenge for your customer service team. Whether they're cumbersome, difficult to navigate, or confusing to learn and understand, your systems can make it difficult for your employees to help customers. And if they don't have access to the right tools at their fingertips when needed, customers may get frustrated and leave without being helped.

For the solution, you must find ways to streamline these processes so that your customer service team has clear instructions on how best to handle each situation—and so that each employee has access to those instructions in an easy-to-digest format anytime they need them.

2. Deal with angry customers

The biggest customer service challenge for the customer service team is having to deal with angry customers. Customers can get angry for many reasons, and each reason requires a different and appropriate solution from an agent.

For example, If a customer gets angry because you've done something wrong like - they think you've given them incorrect information, then the agent needs to apologize and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Also, if the customer gets angry because they feel like their problem isn't being taken seriously enough (for example, they think that their problem isn't important enough for someone to address it), then the customer service executive needs to reassure them that their issue is important and the team is taking steps for the quick fix.

3. Long Wait Times

Nobody likes to wait so long and the same goes for your customer as well. If someone calls in with an issue and doesn't get an answer from your customer service team for weeks at a time, then you will lose all credibility with them—and possibly even more customers.

You can address this by hiring the right people for the job. You can make sure that your customer service team has enough resources so that they can offer solutions in less time. It's also important to keep your customers satisfied while they are waiting for their issues to be resolved.

An easy way of doing this is by sending regular updates through different channels which let them know where things stand within your office and how much longer they might have left before they hear back from you again. This helps keep them informed without giving away too much information about who or what is causing these problems.


Customer service is not an easy job. It never ends and the demands will only increase as technology advances and customer expectations change. The key to success in this business is making sure you have a team of smart people working together towards a common goal. Take note of what your customers want, listen to your customer feedback and suggestions, and make sure they know you are listening.

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